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19 December 2009 @ 10:08 am
challenge two - round two voting  

Voting Rules;
--> You do not need to participate to vote. Voting is not required but much appreciated, however please note: Peoples Choice & Mod's Choice can only be awarded to entrants that vote
---> Vote for the two icons you think are of the worst quality (in descending order). Please vote based on the quality of the icons, not on your personal preference.
---> Check out this GUIDE TO LIMS VOTING
---> A great comment on voting can also be found HERE
--->Use the form below to comment to this post with the numbers of what you think is the icon of the least quality and the icon of the highest. Please give an explanation for why those icons were your least favorite (again, based on quality) and also why the others were your favorites. Explanations are required for Worst Vote but only encouraged for Favourite vote. For a more detailed explanation of how voting points work, see the rules post.

Please take the time to consider a few things when voting:
---> Aim for votes to be 1 - 2 complete sentences
---> If you can expand, do!
---> WHY & WHERE - why is it a bad thing, where is it happening?
---> If you're feeling helpful you can also offer a HOW it could be improved.

i.e. If the icon is too dark, explain why that is a negative thing (subject blends into the background, loss of definition etc). Oversharpened? Tell me where!

---> All comments are screened.
---> Use the form to vote & DO NOT vote for yourself.

Voting Form;
---> Simply replace the #00's with the numbers of the icons you are voting for. Remember to vote in descending order; the first vote would be what you consider the worst, the second is the second worst, etc.

Round Two Entries;

1 2 3
4 5

Please do not vote concerning whether or not the icon meets the theme. I checked all icons as they were entered & if they did not fit they were asked to resubmit.
Be civil in your voting and follow the guidelines, if I find any comments insufficient or rude I will ask you to change them. Voting will be unscreened after winners are announced.

EDIT: If you're icon is up there, you do not need to vote for 3 Worst and 3 Favorites. 2 Worsts are sufficient, and at least 1 favorite is also sufficient. I didn't realize how hard it would be to vote for six items if your icon is one of them. Sorry!